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Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty On A Budget

I think its about time to revisit some areas of my life. I have lately been thinking of all the money I have spent on makeup, and let me tell you, it's ridiculous ! I have been thinking of ways to trim my budget in every department. It's not just about the money but my whole thought process on want vs. need, which seems to be coming down to less is more. As most of my friends know, I'm pretty careful with my money. Even that seems not good enough. I know there has to be ways to trim even more. 

I don't want my stash to look like this at the end of every month. 

I am thinking of buying no new products for the next 60 days, or every time I get the itching to buy, throw that money in a jar and tally it up at the end of the month.

So far I'm starting with all the pigments I have and the empty 26mm tins laying around, and I think I shall press them. Pigments are so messy, beautiful but messy. None the less I feel the need for a little project. I think with the wide array of colors I have, I truly would not ever need to purchase another eyeshadow in my life. I do so love eyeshadow. The eyes can be dressed up so pretty.I walk into MAC and I swear I hear angels singing ! lol  

Pigments however are so inexpensive and with such a wide array of colors. The only reason people I think don't buy them as much is because of the impracticality of using them. It's not easy for women to bust them out and use them like a compact. 

I will keep you posted on my project(s) and tell you all about them. 

Question: What are some of your money saving tips when it comes to cosmetics? I am not an expert so I could use all the help I can get !!! lol

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So lately because of my friends reactions to my eyeshadow, I will be posting my Eye of The Day. I will also be taking requests so if anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know what they are!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 New Beautiful Inexpensive Palettes..


Ok so lately I have been staying away from Hi-End brands and trying to find dupes for them at a cheaper cost. I think I have found the solution. These palettes can be found at several online companies (albeit some may have some drama it seems within the YouTube community). You can find that these palettes come from a parent cosmetics lab in NY named Lady Burd. This lab physically makes the product and then a middleman is able to work with them on the labeling etc. and purchase them in bulk. Now some people find this to be unethical but what some people fail to realize that is common practice in the business community. We see famous people like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, The Kardashians releasing perfumes which they nor their "people" actually made. They work with labs to get their desired results and its a Win-Win solution. It costs thousands if not millions to develop labs and distribution centers and this cuts down costs and maximizes profits for both companies. All sorts of companies do this which I learned in school so I was not so outraged when hearing this. I think it's better in the long run for the consumer as these companies with the same product have to be competitive in their pricing, usually around $20-$25. You can find these products at several companies:

Manic Panic
Ruthless Cosmetics
Scandalous Cosmetics
Forever Glamorous
Bitchslap Cosmetics
KupCake Kutie Cosmetics

The only thing I would do is research the company before buying anything and do what you feel most comfortable with. 

This is palette number i13A
 This palette is mostly matte colors and I love the 3 highlight colors in the second row. I especially love the dark blue #4 on the top row. It reminds me of Plumage from MAC. I think this palette can create some great color combinations with the 2 oranges on the bottom row. The 2 browns in the second row can be used at crease colors to blend quite well. The bright blue/teal #4 on the bottom row reminds me of Cool Heat, while the purple next to it reminds me of Vibrant Grape.

This is palette number i12A

This palette has wonderful colors. The purplish pink #1 on the second row reminds me of Stars and Rockets while #4 on the bottom row reminds me of Shadowy Lady by MAC. The 3 greens all #5 in their rows are gorgeous !! Great dupes for Steamy or Tilt. #1 on the last row is also a great dupe for Hepcat.

This is palette number i10A
This palette was the one I was most excited about because of the bright colors ! Although I have strayed away from bright, bold colors lately I was loving these colors when I saw them online and they did not disappoint ! The yellow is a great dupe for MAC's Chrome Yellow with better payoff and not as chalky. The #3 blue eyeshadow on the bottom row is a great dupe for Deep Truth by MAC. The #4 shadow in the second row is a beautiful gold color and can be switched out with Gorgeous Gold.The #1 eyeshadow in the top row reminds me of Vex by MAC but not as duochrome.

This is palette i09A
This palette is great in that it has colors from every spectrum. The #1 eyeshadow is my favorite !! It reminds me of Pagan but prettier and brighter. I wore this one with a brown/black crease and got stopped several times yesterday from people inquiring about it. This palette also contains some repeats from the previous palettes, all the 3rd eyeshadows are repeats. This one contains a black which can be essential in creating depth in the crease. The Grey above it is beautiful with a little shimmer.

This palette is wonderful as well. It also carries some repeats as the previous palettes. The #2 eyeshadow in the second row is the GORGEOUS one that is like Bitter/Pagan from MAC. The #5 eyeshadow in the 3rd row is like Plumage and the one above that reminds me of Deep Truth. However, I still love this palette.

I think in my next post I will be putting up swatches and give a more in depth review of each palette as I use them more. I mostly compare them to MAC shades as that is what I know best.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All About the Nails...

Hello Lovies,

I have discovered nail polish in a crazy way !!! I have fallen in love with it all over again. I feel like I never truly appreciated it or something. LOL I have discovered blogs and whole websites that do nothing but talk about it and I have gotten so excited over it! I'm like a kid in a candy store these days and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Now the ones below are from the Kardashian Kolor Kollection.

Kendall On the Katwalk

Listen To Your Momager!

Kim-pletely in love

Disco Dolls
Ok so Kendall on the Katwalk at the very top is a beautiful, blue, sparkle with lots of glitter. The first time I wore this,I had it on over the next one down Listen to Your Momager! and it did not chip ! As a matter of fact, I could't get it off. The glitter is blue and purple and very small, not chunky at all.

Kim-pletely in love is a pretty, pretty baby pink. It's that perfect shade of baby pink (however with baby blue duochrome glitter) I was searching for, the only problem is you have  to apply atleast 3 coats for it to be opaque.

Disco Dolls is not a color I would normally go for, it's a gold color glitter but it was too pretty to leave behind. I put it over a red/wine for a cascading effect from the tip up. It has red, green, silver and gold pieces of glitter that are round and of different sizes which makes for a cool effect.

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